My love of cooking springs from a wholehearted belief that when we eat we are nourishing our soul not only filling our tummy.

For me the raw ingredients are the stars of the show and as a chef I try to combine them with other flavours that will enhance their already present flavour and vibrancy. Food should be as beautiful as it is nutritious and respected for the power it has over our mental and physical wellbeing.

Foods ability to heal us and transform the way we feel from day to day is fundamental to the way I cook. I always try to make food that satisfies alllll your senses and your tummy. I do not adhere to any particular school of cookery or diet but believe that a little bit of everything is good for you! The flavours of the Mediterranean are close to my heart and when dreaming of food it is these ingredients that come to mind. Combined with a large dose of Arabic spices, nuts and flavours of the east!